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Any level, Any Job. Any time, we will recruit you unless we are full. Must be legit and active.
Welcome to Our Guild
Welcome to the guild for the evil and peaceful. That's it.
Guild News

Zakum Runs

VictorHawk, Apr 19, 11 10:27 AM.
We will try to get as many zakum runs done as we can but we will not be doing it every night. Wild works all day and would like some nights to level. Weekends is when we will try to do 2 runs a day. So keep on leveling and if you need help with prequests let me know. We will try to get you guys zakum helms and 4th job skills when we can.


Bossing runs

WildOleander, Apr 10, 11 6:32 PM.
I am constantly asked when we will do zakum runs .. My answer is as soon as this guild is ready we will do them... ready means 110+  being able to afford to fully pot yourself and have at least 100 curealls.  NEVER except the preist to do it all for you.   They get stunned/dc/die.  
When we have enough of you that qualify for a run I will happily take us

Hosts Of New Around The World Maplestory Race

BlackOut97000, Apr 9, 11 3:38 PM.
Two guildmates, Peter and Alex, are deciding to do an Around Maplestory Race. If you need the extra money, HURRY NOW TO CLAIM YOUR SPOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Z-Run Prequests now happening every weekend!!!!!!!!! (Saturdays Only)

BlackOut97000, Apr 3, 11 7:11 PM.
Come one, come all for some pre quest fun!
A guildmate will have their bishop waiting outside Zakum's door for prequests.
You still have some time to level and get prequests done.
Saturdays Only!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Close: 4 weeks, 1631 days ago
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